Samya is a counsellor based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. She specialises in Bereavement, Adoption, Relationships and Parenting.

She offers training and counselling for couples who are contemplating adoption, couples who have already adopted and people who themselves have been adopted.

Samya also offers Bereavement counselling and has been involved in counselling victims of international disasters.

She offers Relationship and Parenting counselling for couples that really makes a difference.

Samya is a qualified practitioner of Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) and has been trained in Theraplay and uses these principles in her work.

Samya’s approach to counselling is quite different to that offered by other counsellors and to understand why, you need to read her story. She has had many life experiences that have equipped her to help others in finding their own resolutions to life’s challenges.

Samya is running a series of workshops for adoptive parents. 

You are welcome to contact Samya using the contact form

or calling:

+ 44 (0)7710 232 176