The loss of someone you love is the most devastating experience that can ever happen to you.
I only can have a small idea of how you feel, but I am willing to listen to the depth of your feelings and to walk along with you at this most difficult time.

I have experience in bereavement through long-term illness, sudden, tragedy and suicide.
Grief changes us. Pain somehow opens us to greater levels of awareness and a greater capacity for compassion and understanding. It is tremendously helpful at this devastating time to have professional help.

I work with the bereaved with empathy and from my heart.
I am capable of walking with you along your painful path and holding you until you see some light at the end of this dark tunnel.
I can help you to talk about difficult issues and memories.

Together we can look at what your loved one gave you that you still carry with you, how you have changed because of knowing him or her …
I believe that the deceased should not be forgotten, that together we would find a new place for him or her in your present life.